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Plastic Moving Box Options

Whether you're in the midst of a move or just in the planning stages, deciding to rent plastic moving boxes is a decision that will make your life inifinitely easier. With competitive prices for local residents of TUCSON AND ORO VALLEY, our environmentally-friendly plastic moving boxes are ideal for any kind of move and our team will even pick them up at your new location once you're done with them.


At Bungobox Arizona we specialize in both residential and business moves. We deliver our environmentally friendly boxes and dollies right to your home or business, and pick them up at your new location when your move is completed. If you are looking for residential pricing, simply click on the Order Now link above, or email us at

If you are moving your business and would like a customized commercial quote, please email us at

Why We Use Plastic

There was a lot that went into us forming a company that helps moving less sucky. But mostly, we were just extremely rational (and notably awesome). Our customers save money, time, stress, and even help save the environment. Watch this video about how we started - and better yet - why we did.

Our Name's Origin

Let’s be honest, you’ve wondered where our name came from. It’s ok. Everyone does. And now you can learn the answer. Watch the video and be amazed at how awesome we are.” or “Learn how we got our name, and why it’s awesome.

meet the team

About the Owner

Heather and Justin Rosson are both Arizona natives who graduated from the University of Arizona in 1995. Heather spent the next years teaching high school math and raising a family. When she left teaching in May 2017 she decided she wanted to open her own business. When she heard about BungoBox she knew that Tucson needed this company. It appealed to her desire to help others during what is most often a stressful time, moving, and do something good for our environment at the same time. Justin works for Caterpillar full-time while managing BungoBox Arizona. The Rosson family was excited to host a ribbon cutting for their Grand Opening on March 27, 2018.

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